TouchNote help


  • Where do you deliver to?
  • Can you guarantee delivery on a specific date?
  • Do the flowers come in a vase?
  • How are the flowers packaged?
  • How can I extend the life of the flowers?
  • What happens if my recipient is not present at the time of delivery?
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  • California Proposition 65
  • Why can't I send a gift with my card?
  • Will my card and gift be sent together?
  • Can I get a refund for my gift?
  • Can I return my gift?
  • My gift has not arrived on the estimated delivery date, what should I do?
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Canvases and Gallery Frames

  • What materials and paper are used in your Framed Photos and Gallery frames?

Postcards and Greetings cards

  • Can I get text printed in other languages with non-Latin characters?
  • Can I use TouchNote to send commercial cards from my business?
  • What size are the greeting cards?
  • What size are the postcards?
  • Do my photos have to be a certain size?
  • Can my card be anonymous?
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Photo books & Print boxes

  • How many pages do Photo books have?